Kappil Beach


Kappil beach is a pristine holiday spot along the Malabar shore line, located about 15 kilometres south of Kasaragod town.The beach has captivating beauty that attracts tourists who are looking for a serene location, to spend an evening, or even to settle for a few days of relaxing beach holidays. Nature has gifted the area with splendour.

The reddish tinge of the sandy beach looks elegant against the backdrop of black rocks. Long coconut palms appear slender over the slant of the shore side cliff.


Locals visit here mainly during weekends as a part of a picnic or weekend getaway. Some arrive here during evenings, yet nowhere enough to make the place crowded. Other times it may be just you and you…. well, perhaps a few people more……:) Since it offers solitude in plenty, Kappil has been attracting international tourists who seeking for a quiet, isolated and rejuvenating holiday spot. Some has even fallen in love with the place!

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